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Automate your car photography and inspection with AI.

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We’re revolutionizing automotive imaging and inspection processes with robots powered by AI. Through the synergy of various highly advanced engineering techniques – from machine learning to robotics, mechatronics and industrial design, we’re creating cutting-edge software and breakthrough patent-pending hardware. The results being custom artificial intelligence algorithms that lead to automatization and standardization of car imaging and inspection processes. With Vumo’s technology you can do more, faster and cheaper.

Optimized around your business, designed around your customers.

Our products can be deployed in any automotive use case that benefits from automated and standardized vehicle imaging and inspection. Gain a competitive advantage with Vumo’s technology.


Deliver consistent imaging and documentation for your used car inventory.


Create consistent digital experience for your customers.


Use automated and standardized vehicle inspection enabled by AI.


Create transparent condition reports at the beginning and at the end of the rental.


Quickly assess body damages with AI-powered inspection.

Manufacturing & Logistics

Protect your workers’ lives by AI-powered health and safety, security and environment violation detection.

About us

Driven by a belief in automation that matters, we’re creating the world’s most powerful AI solutions for car imaging and inspection, with the aim of setting a new standard of transparency in the automotive industry.

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